crimespunishmentslogoZur Veröffentlichung des kürzlich erschienen 7. Computerspiels “Crimes & Punishments” führten wir ein Interview mit Olga Ryzhko, Associate Producer bei Frogwares Studio über die Spielereihe, Neuerungen und die Arbeit mit dem Meisterdetektiv:

We were wondering if you had any pictures or maps of London, especially Baker Street, which you used as models for creating the digital version of Baker Street and its environment. What kind of template to you use to create the Victorian London?
When we only started with Sherlock Holmes game, some of our guys went to London, to Baker Street of course, with a lousy camera to make tons of pictures which we are still using sometimes.
Glory to Internet, one can now have everything needed without leaving the studio. One of the strongest parts of the modern Hollywood movies is their careful recreation of landscapes, exteriors and interiors that showcase that Victorian style, even if it is maid in St Petersburg for example.
Sure thing our streets are not identical to those in XIX century but very close. One of the locations in Crimes & Punishments is St Albans, north of Central London, with the ancient Roman Bath. They say one can still book an appointment there 😉

Which new functions come with Crimes & Punishments? Is it different to the old point & click adventures of Sherlock Holmes?
Crimes & Punishments is drastically different from the previous games. Those of you who played The Testament of Sherlock Holmes or any other game know that we used to offer one big mystery made in the traditions of Sir Author Conan Doyle for our players to solve. With the new game we offer 6 smaller cases, similar to the short stories known as Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
There is no point & click now anymore; there are very few elements that would make Crimes & Punishments considered an adventure game. This is a pure investigation game, the new emerging genre.

How important are the original Sherlock Holmes stories when you draft a new game? Do you consult them regularly?
Extremely important.
We do honor the Canon of Sherlock Holmes; one of our basic aims with the series to set this precise atmosphere and a mystery as settled by Doyle. Even if our very first Sherlock Holmes games didn’t exploit the character in its full, it’s not the case for Crimes & Punishments which is our sevenths game in the series.
On the other hand we at Frogwares are not stuck into the original stories only; games are our tribute or the so-called vision to the universe. We enjoy watch and read all those sequels, prequels and updated “re-imaginings”.

We came across this blog providing information on clothes of the characters (http://devblog.sherlockholmes-thegame.com/post/62149169205/sherlock-holmes-crimes-and-punishments-character) Could you please let us know a bit more about the creation of the clothes and furnishings?
Thanks for following my devblog!
This article came as a result of my discussion with our Character Artist. I doubt I can add more to it without falling into very technical 3D stuff that might be interested to those few knowledgeable of Zbrush and other software.

Are the characters based on real persons?
Yes, they are:


(These are by the way my colleagues.)

Do you use motion capturing for creating the characters? Or are they “just” computer-generated?
Motion capture with the real actors:

In Crimes and Punishments Sherlock Holmes got a new haircut. Now he looks more modern. What were the reasons for this changing his appearance?
(Actually he looks like Jeremy Brett after he cut his hair quite short)
I agree he now looks more modern.
As Sherlock Holmes is also known as a master of disguise, we are going to face it in the game as well. So you will be able to play not only with his hair style but also with different garments.

How long does it take from the first idea for a new story until the game is ready for selling?
Depends on the idea but usually years. There are plenty of those that never make it to something more rather than a simple idea; there are very few that make it to the concept and only real gems evolve to the game.

Do you already have plans for further Sherlock Holmes games?
We are now working on Call of Cthulhu game. Will see after on our next game.

OlgaDas Interview führten wir mit Olga Ryzkho.

Vielen Dank dafür!

Weitere Informationen zu Crimes & Punishments finden Sie auch unter www.sherlockholmes-thegame.com!


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